Figure 2: Integrity-Jupiterís ADC Concentration Compared to Peer Group

ADC Loans to Total Capital

Dec-2004 (Period Ended)
Integrity: 21%
Peer Group: 23%

Dec-2005 (Period Ended)
Integrity: 199%
Peer Group: 73%

Dec-2006 (Period Ended)
Integrity: 297%
Peer Group: 120%

Dec-2007 (Period Ended)
Integrity: 381%
Peer Group: 140%

Dec-2008 (Period Ended)
Integrity: 429%
Peer Group: 141%

Source: UBPRs for Integrity-Jupiter. * The increase in the ADC loan concentration in December 2008 resulted from a decline in Integrity-Jupiterís capital rather than growth in ADC lending.