Figure 2: MetroPacificís ADC Loans to Total Capital Compared to Peers
Description of Figure 1: The image is a line graph with 2 lines. One line represents MetroPacific the other line represents Peer. On the X-Axis is Year End Dates, with the following values; Dec-05, Dec-06, Dec-07, Dec-08, Mar-09. On the Y-Axis is Percentage with a range from 0% to 800%.


55%: Dec-2005
97%: Dec-2006
179%: Dec-2007
226%: Dec-2008
301%: Mar-2009


27%: Dec-2005
86%: Dec-2006
131%: Dec-2007
130%: Dec-2008
119%: Mar-2009

Source: UBPRs for MetroPacific.