Figure 2: Lincolnwood’s ADC Loan Concentration Relative to Peer Group
Description of Figure 2: The Image is a line graph composed of two lines. The first line is for Lincolnwood. The second line is for the peer group average. On the Y-Axis is percentages ranging from 0% to 500%. On the X-Axis are the period end dates with the following values - Dec-2004, Dec-2005, Dec-2006, Dec-2007, Dec-2008, and Mar-2009.

364%: Dec-2004
391%: Dec-2005
465%: Dec-2006
399%: Dec-2007
372%: Dec-2008

Peer Group Average
80%: Dec-2004
91%: Dec-2005
107%: Dec-2006
91%: Dec-2007
90%: Dec-2008

Source: UBPRs for Lincolnwood.