Figure Title: Figure 2: New Frontierís ADC Loan Concentration Relative to Peers
Description of Figure 2: is a line graph with two lines (New Frontier and Peer Group Average). The Y-axis is ADC Loans to Total Capital with a range of 0 to 600. The X-axis is Period Ended with dates - Dec-2005, Dec-2006, Dec-2007, Dec-2008, Mar-2009.

ADC Loans to Total Capital
New Frontier
Dec-2005: 243% Dec-2006: 239%
Dec-2007: 275%
Dec-2008: 246%
Mar-2009: 543%*

Peer Group Average
Dec-2005: 104%
Dec-2006: 136%
Dec-2007: 147%
Dec-2008: 139%
Mar-2009: 28%

Source: OIG analysis of UBPRs for New Frontier.
* The sharp increase in the ADC loan concentration in 2009 resulted from a decline in New Frontierís capital rather than growth in ADC lending.