Evaluation of the FDICís Use of Performance Measures, May 2007 –

May 2007
Evaluation Report No. Eval-07-002

Footnote 1:   Such scorecards are considered ďbalancedĒ because they present performance metrics from various perspectives, such as customer, business process, and learning and growth to ďbalanceĒ the financial perspective.

Footnote 2:   We evaluated the FDICís budget development process in evaluation report No. 05-032 entitled, Follow-up Evaluation of the FDICís Corporate Planning Cycle, dated September 2005.

Footnote 3:   Managing for Results: Enhancing Agency Use of Performance Information for Management Decision Making, GAO-05-927, dated September 2005.

Footnote 4:   Follow-up Evaluation of the FDICís Corporate Planning Cycle, Report No. 05-032, dated September 2005.

Footnote 5:   A Talent Review is a confidential, succession management process which identifies ďat riskĒ positions, assesses leadership bench strength, and develops strategies for replacing and enhancing bench strength.

Footnote 6:   2006 Performance objective 4 III.1.a. ďEncourage and promote a motivated, high-performing, and results-oriented workforce by implementing a comprehensive and integrated Leadership Development Program,Ē included an action plan step to develop the concept of an annual talent review of all employees above a specific grade level.

Footnote 7:   GAO-05-927.

Footnote 8:   In technical comments to our draft report, DOF noted that the CFO informed OERM at the outset of the project that a corporate-level scorecard was outside the scope of OERMís assignment and should not be pursued.

Footnote 9:   The PAR technically did not address this item. However, a senior DOF official explained that this requirement did not have as much relevance for the FDIC as the requirement has for appropriated agencies. This is because the timing of the issuance of FDICís budget and APP is more closely aligned than appropriated agenciesí budgets and APPs.

Footnote 10:   The APP does discuss certain system development initiatives, such as the Claims Administration System in the means and strategies narrative section. However, the APP does not include goals, targets, indicators, or cost information for these system development efforts.

Footnote 11:   GAO Report No. 04-38 Results Oriented Government, dated March 2004

Footnote 12:   Based on GAO Report No. GAO/GGD-00-204 dated September 2000

Footnote 13:   PART is a diagnostic tool that was developed to assess and improve program performance so that federal agencies can achieve better results.

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