FDICís Contract Administration –

September 2006
Evaluation Report No. 06-026

Footnote 1:  12 United States Code ß 1819.

Footnote 2:  GAO-05-218G, dated September 2005.

Footnote 3:  As defined by FDICís internal management control program, high-vulnerability areas should be disclosed in the FDICís annual statement of assurance on internal accounting and administrative control as required by the Federal Managers Financial Integrity Act.

Footnote 4:  Two additional non-surplus ASB staff have also left the FDIC, resulting in two additional vacancies.

Footnote 5:  COR and COTR responsibilities and duties are similar in nature to the FDICís OM responsibilities.

Footnote 6:  To determine the 27 percent, we compared a CU listing of OM class attendees for the past 5 years against a list of OMs from the NFE Purchase Order Summary Report.

Footnote 7:  We selected the DIT position because as of March 2006, DIT accounted for approximately 73 percent of the dollar value of active contracts by client divisions within FDIC.

Footnote 8:  These OIG reports include: (1) Contract Solicitation and Evaluation, Report No. 05-029, dated August 2005, which referenced a separate memorandum that was issued to management regarding contract file documentation. The memorandum, dated July 11, 2005, identified missing documentation in the solicitation phase and justification for the noncompetitive procurement phase of the contracts reviewed; (2) FDICís Use of Consultants, Report No. 05 003, dated January 18, 2005, which reported that official contract files did not always contain evidence that contracts had been properly justified, planned, or managed; and (3) XBAT Contracting and Project Management, Report No. 04-014, dated March 26, 2004, which identified problems with retaining an original contract in the official contract file and retaining copies of the Contract Administration Plan.

Footnote 9:  A CCR ensures that an awardee is properly registered with the FDIC. The CO is required to review the CCR before contract award.

Footnote 10:  According to its Web site, Primavera Systems, Inc., is a leading independent provider of collaborative resource, project, and portfolio management solutions.

Footnote 11:  The FDIC selected PeopleSoft Financials as the optimal enterprise financial software for NFE.

Footnote 12:  As of August 23, 2006, ASB officials stated that the FDIC has spent about $99,000 on the Oracle contract.

Last updated 11/02/2006