FDICís Emergency Response Plans –

September 2006
Evaluation Report No. 06-021

Footnote 1:  The committee, chaired by the Department of Homeland Security, meets to discuss emergency preparedness issues in the National Capital Region.

Footnote 2:  Shelter-in-place means going to a designated small, interior room with no or few windows, and taking refuge there.

Footnote 3:  Not all of these enhancements were needed at each site.

Footnote 4:  Floor Marshals and Floor Wardens are employees who have volunteered to assist in emergencies. They oversee evacuation or shelter-in-place efforts for their respective floor.

Footnote 5:  Deputy Wardens, Searchers, and Buddies assist the Warden with duties such as searching the premises and assisting disabled persons.

Last updated 10/13/2006