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document pointer Material Loss and In-Depth Reviews
Grey bullet point Office Operating Plan For Periods of Lapsed Appropriations   NEW

Grey bullet point Public Release of Results of Report of Investigative Inquiry   NEW

Grey bullet point The FDIC's Role in Operation Choke Point and Supervisory Approach to Institutions that Conducted Business with Merchants Associated with High-Risk Activities   NEW

Grey bullet point Material Loss Review of Doral Bank, San Juan, Puerto Rico

Grey bullet point Material Loss Review of Capitol City Bank & Trust Company, Atlanta, Georgia

Grey bullet point Evaluation of Risks Associated with Early Termination of Shared-Loss Agree

Grey bullet point Material Loss Review of Valley Bank Moline, Illinois

The FDIC Office of Inspector General (FDIC OIG) is an independent unit that conducts audits, investigations, and other reviews of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation's (FDIC) programs and operations. The OIG promotes the economy, efficiency, and effectiveness of FDIC programs and operations, and protects against fraud, waste, and abuse, to assist and augment the FDIC's contribution to the stability of, and public confidence in, the nation's financial system. Congress established the FDIC to supervise banks, insure deposits, and help maintain a stable and sound banking system.
Press Releases Involving OIG Investigations

Grey bullet point The United States Files Civil Suit Against Long Island-Based Mortgage Lenders And "Counseling Fund"   NEW

Grey bullet point La Jolla Bank Manager Conspired with Senior Bank Officials to Issue Hundreds of Millions of Dollars in Bad Loans   NEW

Grey bullet point Two Defendants Sentenced in Baltimore Residential Mortgage Fraud Schemes

Grey bullet point Former United Commercial Bank Chief Credit Officer Sentenced To Over Eight Years For Felony Fraud Conviction

Grey bullet point Former President Of The Park Avenue Bank Sentenced To 30 Months In Prison For Role In Fraud Of Government Relief Funds, Self-Dealing, Bank Bribery, Embezzlement Of Bank Funds, And Fraud Involving An Insurance Company

Grey bullet point Maryland Owner of Loan Brokerage Firms Pleads Guilty to Fraud and Obstruction of Justice Charges

Grey bullet point San Diego Loan Broker Indicted for Bribing Bank Vice President

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